Weekend Painting

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Happy Columbus Day everyone. I am lucky enough to have the day off from work so I am catching up on emails and of course, Scandal.

I had such a blast this past weekend going outside of my comfort zone. I am the least artistic person I know and i’m pretty sure my 2nd graders suffer because of it. I have the hardest time trying to draw a picture of the simplest things and numerous times my students have said “Ms. Stalter, that looks nothing like a _____.”  So when my friend suggested that we attend a painting class, I was a little more than hesitant. It turns out you needed no artistic talent.  There are so many of these assisted painting classes across the country and I had no idea how popular and fun they are. The class that I attended has a website where you pick a night based off of the picture that you want to paint and then the instructors facilitate the class and guide you in the painting process. Luckily, you use acrylic paint that dries quickly so you can fix mistakes with white paint to get back to square one again. White paint was definitely my friend during this class.

 I can see these painting classes as a perfect activity for a bachelorette party, baby shower, team building activity for work or just a night out with girlfriends. 

Check for one of these classes in your area and let me know how it goes!


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