#WaysToWOW with Fancy Feast

#WaysToWOW with Fancy Feast


I was browsing all of my Instagram pictures the other day and noticed just how many of them dealt with either my cat or cats in general.  It is probably pretty pathetic but cat lovers across the world would think it is totally acceptable. That is why I was so excited when Fancy Feast asked my cat and I to join their WAYS TO WOW campaign by trying out their four new WOW-worthy chicken recipes.

Cats are frequently accused of being selfish or fickle, which I have to admit applies to Casey, my cat. She will only drink her water out of a McDonald’s Sweet Tea cup. She sleeps in the same spot in the house for about 3 months and then chooses a completely new location. She is probably the pickiest however about her food. She has to have her meals served to her at a certain time, by a certain person, and in a certain way.

I really can’t complain about her selfishness after all that she puts up with! My nephew, who is 1, thinks she is just the greatest thing and follows her everywhere. Since he is just a baby, he doesn’t understand “be nice” or “be gentle,” so he usually ends up yanking her fur, tail, or trying to pick her up. Even though she may not like it, she lets him do it without a meow. On these days, it is important that I show her some extra attention by having her sit on my lap for a longer time, brushing her out, letting her sleep on the bed, or just simply giving her some extra treats. I may allow her to lay on the table without telling her to get off (Gross, I know).  If she is going to WOW us, it is important that we take some time to WOW her too.

Even though she can be a bit high maintenance in most areas, one thing that will always stays the same is the brand of food that she eats-Fancy Feast. Gravy lovers used to be her favorite due to the bits that are served in the thick gourmet gravy. She would lick all the gravy up first and then leave the solid pieces for later. With her love of gravy, I was so excited when Fancy Feast came out with their new Broths with Chicken. She has a can of Gravy Lovers in the morning and then gets to have Broths with Chicken in the afternoon. She is an old cat that moves slow but really hustles when she sees me move towards her food cabinet. What cat wouldn’t when you consider the high quality chicken that is used and for me the ease of pre-measured convenient pouches! Win Win!

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This post was brought to you by the makers of Fancy Feast. I received compensation to write this post through the Fancy Feast Broths with Chicken program. All opinions expressed are my own.
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