The Wedding Ringer

The Wedding Ringer

Every wedding has at least one of them — a crazy guest, inappropriate speech, episode of crying, a meltdown and some story that will be told for years.  When I watched the trailer for the new movie The Wedding Ringer, I had to laugh out loud because it reminded me of a similar situation that happened to me but not to the hilarious extent of the movie.

To give you some background before I tell my story, The Wedding Ringer stars Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. Josh Gad plays Doug Harris, a great guy who is about to get married, but due to his social awkwardness, he does not have a friend to ask to be the best man. He has less than two weeks before he gets married to Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). Doug is referred to Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) who is the owner of a company called Best Man, Inc. This company provides best men for guys like Doug who are in need of one.  Doug wants his wedding to be absolutely perfect, so he decides that he is going to hire Jimmy to pull off this mission. There ends up being an unexpected bromance between the two characters, and the movie is one hilarious charade after another in their attempt to pull off this big con

Now to my story-

Several years ago, I had just started a new job and I was casually invited to my boss’ wedding. I thought she probably invited me much out of courtesy because I really did not know her very well at all. I debated on whether to go because the wedding was less than a week away, and I knew it would require me to get a gift and mingle with people that I really did not know.  A week later, on that Saturday, I decided to attend because I thought it would help me professionally and gain some favor with my boss. I did not have that stylish of a dress to wear, but I put on what I had and showed up at the church. When I arrived, I noticed there were not very many cars in the parking lot. I walked in and was immediately approached by my boss asking me if I would be willing to be her maid of honor. I have to tell you, I was really thrown for a loop! Come to find out, it was between another girl and me, and the other girl didn’t really know her either. The other girl basically said she would not do it, so by default, it was up to me. I thought, “how hard could this be?” Everything was fine until I was told I was supposed to give a speech at the reception. This proved to be very difficult, awkward, and somewhat embarrassing considering that I didn’t know either one of them and I was supposed to expound on them in some depth. I stumbled through it, made little sense and awkwardly sat down. To be honest with you, that night wasn’t spoken about again!

Needless to say, I am excited to see The Wedding Ringer on January 16th in theaters. Head over to The Wedding Ringer Photo Bomb feature website and upload a picture of yourself to capture a fake moment with you and your best man!

This post was sponsored by Sony through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about The Wedding Ringer, all opinions are my own.