Popular Summer Items Back in Stock

Popular Summer Items Back in Stock


This embroidered dress is so cute and lightweight. It is perfect for summer! (Blog post here)


You all should know by now that I am definitely a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. This concert tee has been featured on so many blogs since last summer. It is the perfect over-sized tee for those days that you want to be casual. (That blog post here)


These shorts are my favorite cutoffs that I own and they are back in stock this summer along with some other styles. (That blog post here)

I’m excited to get out my summer staples here in a few weeks. The weather in Illinois keeps going back and forth so I’m not ready to fully commit to a summer wardrobe yet. I thought in anticipation, I would show 3 summer outfits from last year that still have popular items available.

I look forward to posting new outfit posts soon:)