Photo Wall

Photo Wall

First of all I want to start off by saying that I’m aware that I did a terrible job of capturing my photo wall. I had posted an instagram picture a few months ago where you could see the wall in the background and people asked to see the photos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t back up far enough to capture the whole wall straight on without falling off of a balcony. So I tried to capture it so that you get the idea of what it looks like and then I also posted a collage of the 9 pictures that I have on the wall. I ordered all of the prints from Shutterfly and all the frames from Michaels. I’m someone that would have photographs on every wall if I could. For this space, I decided to pick pictures that either represented a part of me or great memories that I have had.

1- The first picture on the collage, the 21, is my lucky number.

2- A picture from when I went to Africa and met a Maasai woman. It was such an unreal experience.

3-My grandparents with my sister and I when we were young.

4- The front view of my grandparents house. It is one of the coziest houses and it it filled to the walls with love.

5- One of the best days of my life, the birth of my nephew.

6-My dad and I at a Packer game.

7- A print of a little girl holding a camera.

8- Most recent family photo.

9- My parents in their early days of dating.