Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

I am so grateful to have grown up surrounded by such strong women. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about how blessed I am to have many motherly figures in my life.

My Mother– There is not a woman that I know that is more hardworking and passionate about what they do than my mother. She taught me that my education was extremely important and that I need to do something that I love with my life. She is supportive, gracious, and willing to help anyone in whatever way possible.

My sister- Even though my sister is not necessarily a “mother” figure to me, she is a mother that deserves some credit. She became a mom two years ago and I think it is her greatest role yet. She spends countless hours researching ways to be even better at something that I think she has already doing an amazing of. Plus, she is raising a two year old with the biggest and best personality. If I have kids one day, I know that she will be the first person that I go to with advice. She is a super mom!

My Aunt Needie-  I have always been so close to my aunt. She makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room. She is the woman who let me stand in my underwear in her living room while she diagnosed the chiggers on my legs and the one who immediately said yes when I called her out of the blue to accompany me on a trip to Africa. She is selfless, kind, and incredibly smart. She also fostered my love of reading and is my mentor with my job. I love her so much!

Mary– Everyone should have a mom like Mary in their lives. She is a woman that is driven by laughter and joy. She is the one that accepts whatever choices that you have made and encourages you to take risk. She is also the one that takes your side in battles against your real mom, especially when it comes to risky hair and clothes choices. She has always been the adventurous one and will say yes to whatever you want to do, no matter how crazy it may be! If I ever wanted to parachute out of an airplane, I know exactly who I would ask to go with me.

My Grandmother– If you do not know if God exists, then you have never met my grandma. Only God could have created such an amazing woman. My grandmother is truly my angel on earth. She may be 5 feet tall but she is the strongest woman I know. They do not make women like her anymore.  She is unbelievably gracious, supportive, and accepting. I could never have asked for a more perfect person in my life.