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I was lucky to get the opportunity to interview Kristin Cavallari about her Fall Shoe Collection that is available at Nordstrom. I wish that I was able to get all of your questions answered but I think I got the majority of them. Kristin is the sweetest girl and you can tell how much she loves her kids and how hard she has worked on her line.

What are you wearing right now?

I was just on  a Chicago morning talk show so I am more dressed up than I would normally be in the morning. I’m wearing a dress and a pair of booties from my line.I normally am in some type of workout clothes.

What’s your favorite piece in your shoe collection?

The over the knee khaki boot because you can wear it day or not. It is also such a trend for Fall.

Can you describe the process of designing your shoes?

I am constantly in the process. I follow a lot of designers on Instagram, I look at the runway shows and in magazine. I have a folder in my phone where I put inspirational photos or ideas, as well as a filing cabinet at my house. When I get an idea, I send it to Chinese Laundry and the girl that I work with, Shana begins making sketches. From there, I tweak those sketches and then they make samples. I still continue to change them even after we get the samples. It is such a fun process!

Was it more difficult to come up with ideas after your first line of shoes?

Each season is only so big so I not all of the shoes that I design are released.  It is easier now to come up with inspiration and ideas. We also have to capitalize on what is the most popular so all of the shoes that I like are not always sold. It is really up to the buyers to decide. There was one shoe that I fought for in numerous meetings and they never picked it up.

Does your husband ever give you advice on your pieces or prefer one style of shoe over the other?

He does if I ask him to. He is very honest and it is sometimes nice to have a man’s perspective but in the end it comes down to what I want as a woman.


Do you have any ambition to branch out past designing shoes, such as clothing or handbags?

Yes! I recently launched a jewelry line, Emeral Duv with Planet Blue which is one of my favorite stores.  I am enjoying accessories and my shoe line and so right now I want to make sure that I have enough time for both of those. Since I have two little babies at home, I want to make sure that I do not spread myself to thin.

What are the three types of shoes everyone woman should have in their closet?

1. A nude heel because it goes with everything. They also make your legs look really long.

2. A great khaki boot.

3. A black bootie because they are so versatile and they can go from day to night.

Which one of your shoes would you wear to…

A football game? Really any of the booties but probably the Raylin. It has a lower-square heel because they are more comfortable.

 A family get together?  Copertina heel. It is so simple and classy.

 A shopping trip? Any of the shoes would work but I’ll go with the Laurel bootie. It instantly looks chic, especially with a plaid shirt and hat.

For those of you in the Chicago area, she will be on Michigan Ave today from 1-2 to showcase her line.





  1. October 18, 2014 / 7:46 am

    What a great interview! I can’t wait to check out her line!