Kohl’s + Levi’s

Kohl’s + Levi’s

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Alissa’s Jeans// Levi’s

Jack’s Jeans// Levi’s

I can’t even begin to tell you about how Kohl’s  has everything you would possibly need for yourself and your home.  I have yet to find something that they do not have. Kohl’s has always been a family favorite because of it having everything, the convenience of being able to shop and get the same deals online, and the great quality of clothing. I think my family would agree that Kohl’s has such great brands and one of the best is Levi’s. Everyone in my family owns at least one pair and many of us have had them for many many years.  In fact, I think my Dad’s jean collection is exclusively made up of Levi’s.

I wanted to be able to get the point across that Levi’s really are made for the entire family and I knew the best way to do that was to highlight two important family members in my life and how amazing they look in Levi’s.  My sister(Alissa), her husband(Steve) and her son (Jack, who you probably see on my instagram), recently moved to Connecticut. Having them go from being 30 minutes away to a plane ride away has been such an adjustment.  When I found out I had the opportunity to work with Kohl’s again, I thought what better way to get to see their pretty faces than to get them to help me with my post and send me pictures of them in their Levi’s. My sister shops at Kohl’s all the time so having an excuse to go and shop was perfect for her. She picked out so many great styles of Levi’s but ended up decided on these torn boyfriend jeans. Jack also came away with a pair and Alissa ended up deciding to find a pair she could cuff so that he can wear them when he gets bigger. They both look so cute and it melts my heart to get to feature them on here while also sharing my love for Levi’s!

Be sure to check out some of Alissa and I’s Levi’s favorites below and enter to win $100 to shop for your own pair of Levi’s jeans!

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