Kenya Trip

Kenya Trip

I got back from Kenya a few days ago and I’m still exhausted. After many jam packed days and an exhausting 24 hours of traveling, I feel like I could sleep for a week.

Nairobi has a lot of ups, and a lot of downs, but ultimately Nairobi feels like the underdog that you can’t help rooting for. People by and large are kind, friendly, and believe in saying hello. Without fail, every person I seemed to have come in contact with  shakes my hand each morning — which is the standard Kenyan greeting for someone you know. I felt surrounded by people, and that nobody is a face or a neighbor that I just politely ignore each morning.

It’s really not that easy to get around in Nairobi. The distances are too far too walk, usually, and often impassable for pedestrians. And after dusk, it’s not safe to walk much of anywhere, even if it’s only a few minutes away.  I’ve never seen drivers more aggressive than Nairobi drivers.So, the outcome of all of this, is that you take a lot of cabs in Nairobi.

The city was not  perfect, and in many ways, it’s not comfortable or easy. But it has so much heart. The people that live there are such friendly and relaxed people. If you have a chance to go visit, jump at the chance!

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Here are some of the places we went to:

-Menno Kids Academy

-Ten Thousand Villages Artisans

-Many Local Markets

-Ngong Town, Westlands, Parklands, Eastleigh, Kajiado Town, Kola

-Rift Valley

-Sand Dams

-Flip Flop Factory

-Kazuri Beads

-Nairobi Museum

-Giraffe Center

-David Sheldirick Wildlife Trust

-Diamond Plaza

– my favorite: Vising the Maasai in The Great Rift Valley