Holiday Stress Relief

Holiday Stress Relief

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve struggled with anxiety on and off throughout my life. I’m an anxious person by nature ( Type A personality). It’s not fun and I never know when it’s going to affect me. I had a hard time in college with it but then I started to learn coping skills. As the years have gone on, I am doing better at dealing with it and have found products that help ease my anxiety and stress level.

December has always been a hot point for me since at least college when I had finals, papers due and packing stresses. Today the sources are more along the lines of finishing graduate school papers, Q4 blogging, and buying the perfect gifts.

From November to the end of December, I make sure that I drink plenty of water, say “no” when I’ve reached my limits, and eat well.  I’m also someone who struggles with sleep during this time of year so I take Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts. I love these because they help me relax and actually get some sleep. They’re  less expensive than a prescription, and easily accessible. You can find the stores that sell them in your area here.

I’ve also used other Rescue  products to help ease my anxiety and reduce my stress level.  The Rescue Remedy spray is perfect for moments when I need to feel more calm and remove tension. I keep it in my purse for easy access. I also am a BIG fan of the Rescue Plus Lozenges.They taste great, soothe my throat, and they have vitamin B vitamins.

I would highly advice you to give Rescue products a try to help you during those stressful times. There are so many types to choose from that you will definitely find one that works for you!

This post was sponsored by Bach Rescue, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the partnerships that make The Coral Court possible.