Holiday Shopping with Kentucky Soaps and Such

Holiday Shopping with Kentucky Soaps and Such


I wanted to introduce you all to some new products that I found that is based out of Kentucky- Kentucky Soaps and Such. They are a company that uses Goat’s milk in their soaps and creams because of the benefits that it brings to those that use it. It helps protect from daily bacteria, the protein stands are shorter so they are absorbed by the skin more easily, it contains alpha-hydroxyl acids that exfoliate the skin, and they moisturize  and reduce itchiness.

My favorite product of their Plainview Set of 4 gift basket. It includes  Body Cream, Sugar Scrub, Goat milk luxury bar soap, and liquid hand soap. My favorite scent is honey almond but it also comes in guava fig, vanilla, honeysuckle and summer rain. They pretty much have a scent to go with every time of the year. The packaging is also unique in that it comes in a seagrass basket that you can reuse again for something else.

This is the perfect gift basket for someone this holiday season. Give it a try and let me know how much you love it!


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