Holiday Hair looks with Living Proof

Holiday Hair looks with Living Proof

I’m excited to team up with Living Proof to give you three holiday hair looks for this season. I asked my friend(Hair By Bradley Leake) to show me the styles that he is doing on his clients that are easy enough to reduplicate at home . For all 3 of these looks, my hair was washed with Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner. Then when it was damp, I put on PhD’s 5-in-1 styling treatment and used the blow dryer on it.  I used some of their other great products for each individual look but I’ll share them below with the steps it takes to create the look.

Look 1-Glam waves:

Prep hair with : No Frizz Styling Cream

Divide hair into 3 sections

Starting at the nape , Curl hair with 1” wand

directing away from the face. Curl

each strand in the same direction

Using a bore bristle brush

gently comb through the curls creating a soft wave

And finish with: No Frizz Weighless Styling Spray and No Frizz Humidity Shield



Side chignon:

Start with: Instant texture mist

Part hair from apex to behind the ear.

Take the back section and pull to desired side and secure with an elastic

-split ponytail into two sections

-wrap twists to create a rope braid.

Take the weak side of the part and loosely braid or twist back

Then wrap hair around ponytail.

Take the heavy side and secure with Bobby pin.

-take the section and split into 2 sections and create a rope braid

Take both remaining rope braids and soften edges by loosely pulling

Wrap both rope braids around each other and secure with Bobby pin

Finish with: Control Hairspray



Start with: Prime style extender spray

Create a ponytail at the crown

Pull the hair through center of the hair doughnut

-leave a 1”. Section out at the back of the ponytail

Wrap the loose ends and secure bun with Bobby pins

Take the 1” section and create a 3 strand braid.

Gently tug at the edges to create a thicker braid

Wrap braid around bun and secure

End with: Control Hair Spray


This post was sponsored by Living Proof. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Coral Court possible.