Hair Tool Favorites

Hair Tool Favorites


1. Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth–  I have gone through many straighteners and this one is the best. I have to admit though that I have never had a Chi but have heard that they break frequently so I can’t compare the Paul Mitchell to those. The edges ensure no tugging on the hair. I love that you can set the temperature and it cuts my straightening time in half. This tool leaves the hair smooth, hydrated, and frizz free.

2. Solano Hair Dryer-This hairdryer actually improved the quality of my hair. I have long color-treated hair – it’s been highlighted for 15 years or so – and it was starting to look fried. It looks much smoother and silkier now.

3. Sultra “The Bombshell” Wand–  I have never mastered using a curling iron. I almost always end up with the kinks and lines. This wand gives you the beach wave curls that I can’t achieve with my flat iron. It is a bit weird to get used to at first since it does not have a clip but basically you just hold your hair at the end of the strand and wrap it around the barrell starting at the base. You curl away from your face, as usual. When you first try it out, wear the glove that comes with it so you don’t burn your fingers while you are holding it in place.  Once you get the hang of it.. It’s a piece of cake!

4. Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush-This brush has two types of bristles, both stiff but flexible and very fine, that gently grab hair, making it the perfect instrument to pull hair into a sleek ponytail or bun. It doesn’t break my  hair and adds a hint of shine when I wear my hair down.

5. GHD Curve Classic-Everything about this curling iron is well thought out. The ‘on-off” switch is hidden under the clamp, so that you never accidentally shut it off while you are using it. The temperature is auto controlled so you don’t burn your hair. It heats up up 30 seconds and the heat stays consistent. Yes, they are expensive, but they are saving your hair from a ton of damage. My curls hold for up to 5 days using these irons.