Guest Post: Alissa’s Favorite Beauty Products

Guest Post: Alissa’s Favorite Beauty Products

When I volunteered to write a blog post a week for Kristi in the month of September I knew exactly what I wanted to write about!  I decided my first post was going to be about my favorite beauty products but told myself that five had to be my limit, well I failed at meeting that goal.  So… I present to you my top seven beauty products that I realistically could live without, but definitely don’t want to!



Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection Shimmer ComplexI was just introduced to this gem of a product this summer when I was having a hair emergency.  I never took the time to use a heat protector and my hair was well looking like I never took the time to use a heat protector.  This product requires a vigorous shaking before use to activate the product.  It protects the hair from your heating appliances and also provides a great holding element so it’s a great curl holder.


It’s a 10 Leave in ConditionerI never used a leave in conditioner before my hair emergency this summer and this was on the product list a stylist recommended to me.  It is a Keratin builder and has very much helped bring back some life to my hair.


Batiste Dry ShampooI am a fan of the dry shampoo.  I wash my hair every 3-4 days so by day 3 it needs a little sprucing up.  I love this brand because it doesn’t leave a thick white residue like some of the other brands I have tried in the past.  This particular brand also makes more than one fragrance and also manufactures different colors so that if you are a brunette the dry shampoo blends in with your hair.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter FormulaI started using this when I was pregnant with my son because it is supposed to help with the prevention of stretch marks.  Well it worked for me, whether it was the lotion or just genetics, I am stretch mark free.  I loved this product so much I kept using it.  It smells like a day at the beach and is an overall awesome moisturizer.  You can find it at almost any drug store and it has a great price point.


Panoxyl 4% Face Wash THIS FACEWASH IS AMAZING!  I started using this a number of years ago on the recommendation of my dermatologist.  Then all of a sudden it was on back order and I could not find it anywhere.  Well I am happy to announce it is being manufactured again and I love love love it!  It has just the right amount of benzoyl peroxide without over-drying and my face has never looked better.


Dr. George’s Dental WhitePersonally, I think this teeth whitening product works better and faster than other whitening products on the market.  The kit comes with trays that you form to your teeth, but the package insert also describes other tools you can utilize to achieve the same effect as the trays. Highly recommend for a whiter smile!


Vaseline w/ Cocoa butterPrior to a couple months ago I just used this product as a lip moisturizer, but recently I have started utilizing it to remove my eye make-up.  It works great!  I also put a little extra under my eyes at night for an overnight moisturizer. You can pick it up at any drug store. Give it a try J


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