Favorite Beauty Secret

Favorite Beauty Secret

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I did a post earlier on the hair products that I use and my favorite lotions. Since that post, my beauty routine has changed drastically. I only use one product now and that is coconut oil. When my nephew had eczema, my sister read online that coconut oil cures it. One night when I was babysitting, I lathered him up with the oil and noticed how much he smelled like the beach mixed with a piña colada.I decided that I was going to use it as a lotion just for the smell. After I did some research, I found out that there are so many ways to use it.

1. HAIR- It is a natural way to make your hair soft and healthy. I usually put Kerastase elixir through my hair before I shampoo it but coconut oil does the exact same thing. It penetrates and protects your hair. I also put it on my hair after I have washed it(either wet or dry) to protect it from the heat. When you shampoo your hair, you want to get the oil out of your roots but the rest of the hair needs to have moisture so the oil protects it.

2. EYES- I rub some of the oil around my eyes before I go to bed. It moisturizes my skin and helps restore it after I have rubbed off all the under-eye makeup. One of my friends also puts it on her face as a moisturizer and says it really hydrates it.

3. BODY- I use the coconut oil as my body lotion after I get out of the shower. It not only makes your body smell great but it leaves your skin silky and smooth. Just make sure that you rub it in really good or wait about 15 minutes for it to dry .A small amount of this oil goes a long way.

Coconut oil has been one of my favorite and best-kept secrets. Give it a try and let me know of other ways that you use it.



  1. August 15, 2014 / 8:02 am

    I’ve been using coconut oil for about a year now…love it! Lotion, hair, eye makeup remover, cooking – the list is long!

  2. August 15, 2014 / 9:56 am

    I’ve been using coconut oil for over a month now and I love it!! It is so versatile and smells amazing!

  3. Kristen
    August 15, 2014 / 5:04 pm

    For the mamas out there.. It is the miracle for diaper rash!

  4. Carol
    August 15, 2014 / 5:04 pm

    You can use to whiten your teeth too!

  5. August 15, 2014 / 5:04 pm

    this stuff is amazing!! I have a tablespoon everyday in one way or another and it works wonders for skin and complexion!

  6. August 15, 2014 / 5:05 pm

    I swear by coconut oil, green tea, and Vaseline.

  7. Kate
    August 15, 2014 / 5:05 pm

    Can anyone recommend a specific brand of coconut oil? Much appreciated!

  8. Bailey
    August 15, 2014 / 5:05 pm

    I <3 coconut oil!

  9. August 15, 2014 / 11:38 pm

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  10. Ginny Valentine
    August 23, 2014 / 8:24 pm

    Coconut Oil for eczema sounds like a great antidote. I’m going to try it on my mom’s legs. She has edema and the swelling really affects her skin. Thanks! Babies and the elderly are so alike in so many ways. 🙂

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