Emerald Duv

Emerald Duv
Emerald Duv Jewelry has easily grown into one of my favorite celebrity lines to shop. The pieces are handmade in Bali and L.A. and the pieces are designed by Kristin Cavallari and Chelsea Bulte. The  Emerald Duv jewelry collection ranges from $100 – $165 and include many gold plated pieces and rustic metals. My three favorites from the line are the Quartz Choker, Santa Barbara Necklace, and the Venice Bolo Necklace.

I had a chance to interview the designer, Kristin Cavallari, on the relaunch of Emerald Duv. Check it out below…



What is the inspiration behind the name-EmeraldDuv?

Kristin: We both have a baby born in May and the birth stone is an emerald. Since it’s the 2 of us running the company, we liked dove since they come in pairs.



What is your inspiration behind the collection?

Kristin: We want all of the pieces to be easily mixed and matched with what you already have in your personal collection. We love dainty pieces that can be layered and stacked to your own personal style.



Could you outline your design process?

Kristin: We’re constantly pulling inspiration from numerous places: magazines, Instagram, paying attention to the trend forecast, etc. so we’re always book marking what we love. When it comes time to sit down and actually sketch the collection, I (Kristin) send Chelsea my ideas and she draws them up, along with her own ideas, and we narrow it down from there to make a complete collection.



What are some of your favorite pieces in your Spring collection?

Kristin: My 2 personal favorites are the ear cuff and choker because they’re both trendy and inexpensive. They are simple pieces that easily take any outfit up a notch without being over the top.



Is working with your best friend as fun as it would seem?

Kristin: Yes and no! I was nervous at first, and we’ve definitely had a couple hiccups, but overall it’s been fun and we’ve really gotten to a great place of communication and understanding. It’s like any relationship; you have to figure it out for the first few months. But we’re able to separate our business relationship with our personal relationship so we don’t take things personally.


I had heard rumors that Emerald Duv may expand to having home accessories as well, is there truth to that?

Kristin: Absolutely. We just launched candles and hats and plan to do many more home goods. The sky is the limit for Emerald Duv!