Denim Trends

denimFlare// Overalls// Distressed// Coated// Printed// Wide Leg

I won’t bother talking about the classic  denim jeans that you already have in your closet because we all know you need them your life and you are probably wearing them right now. Instead, here are some other denim jeans that you can wear to switch things up a bit…

1. Flares that hit the ground at the right length are the perfect jeans to help lengthen your legs. Stick with dark colors

2. Overalls are one of the biggest trends to come back this year. You can wear any shoe that you want with them but if they are a looser fit, you need to wear a pump.

3. Whether they are rips or zips, the distressed rocker styled jeans are continuing on through Fall. It’s all about looking like you’ve owned them for years. Whether that means a couple of rips or full on shreds, it it totally up to you! If you’re not quite ready for a full-on distressed jean, go for a pair with just a few slashes. It’ll look cool but won’t expose too much skin.

4. Coated- If you can rock this look, wear it! This trend has already been around for a little while but I don’t see it going anywhere soon. They are flattering without giving off the over the top vibe like leather pants might. If you are a bit nervous about it, try a pair with a plain top and then add some jewelry embellishments later.

5. Printed jeans are definitely a  trend for fall, and won’t look super-busy, as long as you go for a top with similar colors to the print on your jeans. Do not overlap prints or go to the extremes with animals prints. That trend is over.

6. Wearing a super wide flare in a dark wash can give your legs a long, lean look. Get a pair that almost hits the ground and if you put heels on, you will look like you have some crazy long legs.