CC-6 1. Favorite travel accessory- Gilded Portable Charger

2. 10 beauty hacks for beach ready hair

3.Update your manicure with Instyle’s Best Beauty Products for Nails

4. Best News: Orange is the New Black is renewed for a third season!

5. Best Advice: How to ditch a bad habit for good (Refinery 29)

6. Looking ahead: J.Crew is opening a new budget store called J.Crew Mercantile

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Pretty excited about the J. Crew news! I have heard so many good things about Orange is the New Black! I am going to have to start watching it!


I have so many bad habits too! I loved reading the article!


I love OISNB! One of my favorite shows. Season 2 is starting soon!


The J.Crew news is so exciting. I wonder if it will be similar to J.Crew Factory?


J Crew budget store??? Yes please!


#2 is going to be so useful when I head off for Thailand in a few weeks and #4 really is the BEST. NEWS.

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