Weekly Beauty Find: Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Those of you that have read TCC for a while know that coconut oil is my ride or die for natural moisturizing products. Recently, I’ve been tipped off to almond oil for use with my hair. My hair game has been struggling big time recently and i’m not sure why. I’ve never had my hair break off as much as it has this winter and so now I’m trying to play catch-up with it. Almond oil has definitely been helping and if you are someone that doesn’t like the strong smell of coconut oil, then almond oil is for you.

Here are some benefits:

-Almond oil prevents hair fall to a great extent due to the rich source of magnesium.

-Gets rid of split ends because it has antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals that restore and rejuvenate the hair follicles.

-It reduces scalp inflammation because of the content of fatty acids moisturizes and softens the scalp tissues and also improves blood circulation.

It has a ton of health and skin benefits too but I have not used it for those purposes yet!

Here is how I use it:

  1. Wet my hair And comb it: Almond oil gets absorbed very easily into wet hair. Remove tangles from your wet hair with the help of a wide-tooth comb before starting almond oil hair conditioning treatment.
  2. Wrap my hair: Cover my hair with a shower cap and allow the oil to absorb into my scalp and hair for about an hour. Sometimes I will leave it on overnight.
  3. Apply to dry hair: I apply the sweet almond oil to my dry hair tips whenever I feel them becoming dry.

Weekly Beauty Find

H20 Plus Oasis Hydrating Treatment

So you all know by now that I have the most sensitive skin imaginable. I’ve said in previous posts that I have to wash my face with plain Ivory soap or I either get a rash or breakout. I always make sure when trying a new face routine that I don’t have something pressing I need to go to the next day in case I get a rash. Well the same is usually true for moisturizers that I use. I am a tride and true fan of using this moisturizer and I usually don’t waiver. I recently have been using the lotion from this post and find that it still works great but I was sent this new hydrating lotion that I use at night.

 I am sensitive to most cosmetic product smells and perfumes too – it has its own unique “light” smell, but it certainly does not make my eyes water – and its ability to be absorbed by the skin without leaving a residue, or greasy feeling. It also tingles on your face when you first put it on which always makes me feel like it’s doing something! I have read reviews from people that say it works great on oily skin and mine is more dry/combo so if you are in need of a new moisturizer, give this one a go!


Weekly Beauty Find

Tarte- Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Sick of mascara that not only flakes off, but dries out your lashes, too?  This mascara is filled with a long-wearing, vitamin-infused formula that keeps lashes soft and black from coffee to cocktails. Plus, the double-sided brush boasts major benefits: One side volumizes while the other lengthens, all in just a few, clump-free strokes.  If you haven’t tried Tarte’s other products, you should give them a try. I am usually pretty tried and true to It Cosmetics but will sway for certain products by Tarte. My sister raves about their eyeshadow palettes so give those a try!