Office Details

I had so many messages after I posted a glimpse into my gallery wall. Many of you wanted to know about specific items that were on the shelves so I thought I would link all the products in a post. Some of these items I bought in stores or quite a while ago but I did try to find as many of them as I could!

Desk//Chair//Lamp// Love Frame// Gold Clock// all desk accessories 

Calendar, Whiteboard, Cork Board, Mail System

Bookshelf was handmade and painted white

Lips print, Seven Wonders, chair print

Cat Figurine,Letter K,boxes

Trash Can


Photo Wall

First of all I want to start off by saying that I’m aware that I did a terrible job of capturing my photo wall. I had posted an instagram picture a few months ago where you could see the wall in the background and people asked to see the photos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t back up far enough to capture the whole wall straight on without falling off of a balcony. So I tried to capture it so that you get the idea of what it looks like and then I also posted a collage of the 9 pictures that I have on the wall. I ordered all of the prints from Shutterfly and all the frames from Michaels. I’m someone that would have photographs on every wall if I could. For this space, I decided to pick pictures that either represented a part of me or great memories that I have had.

1- The first picture on the collage, the 21, is my lucky number.

2- A picture from when I went to Africa and met a Maasai woman. It was such an unreal experience.

3-My grandparents with my sister and I when we were young.

4- The front view of my grandparents house. It is one of the coziest houses and it it filled to the walls with love.

5- One of the best days of my life, the birth of my nephew.

6-My dad and I at a Packer game.

7- A print of a little girl holding a camera.

8- Most recent family photo.

9- My parents in their early days of dating.


Resolutions 2017

I am the worst with New Year’s resolutions. I rarely keep them and usually forget about them after a few weeks.  I’m not interested in setting unrealistic objectives. I’m someone who loves control and when that is not an option, I’ll often go into a crazy mindset hoping that I can prepare for what’s ahead. I waste so much time and energy on thinking about what might happen(end result) that I can’t enjoy the process. This year, I decided that I really want to focus on not just temporary goals but focus on larger goals for how I live my life. Some of these may seem cliche but they are truly what I need to focus on.

  1. Drink more water– Drinking more water is obviously good for you.When you are hydrated, you’re helping your body function better, you have more energy, better moods, and better skin. Even though I have always known of the benefits, it is a chore for me to drink water. I can go all day without drinking anything and not be thirsty. Towards the end of the year, I was hit with a month of sickness and it kick started my new water drinking habit. I found that if I set a goal for how much I wanted to drink that day, it helped me to be able to do it. I also started making a water bottle an accessory so that when I see it, I have a visual reminder that I need to take a drink.
  2.  Exercise 3 times a week- For the first half of 2016 I was in a fitness rut. Towards the summer, I started at The Dailey Method which is an hour barre based class featuring pilates, ballet, and yoga. Besides the intense workout, the instructors are so knowledgeable and energetic so it makes it fun to be there. They realign your body during the workouts so that you do not get injured. The core alignment is the hardest for me but I notice so much of a difference. This next year, I plan to continue going at least 3 times a week.
  3. Take a long vacation-  So since I’m a teacher people assume that I get these long summer vacations. For some teachers that is true but I usually end up working just as much or more in the summer. My first three years of teaching I was working more than during the year. Then the last two years I took grad school classes and coached swim team. This year I plan to take advantage of having the summer off of teaching and with graduating from grad school in May, I plan to take a long vacation. It will be my first summer since I entered the job world that I will have done that.
  4. Learn to say “No”- For me, saying no is very difficult. I think one of the reason is that I don’t want to hurt feelings by closing the door or I say yes to too many things out of guilt. This year I want to simplify my commitments,and set boundaries and stick to them.

So there you have it, my 4 resolutions that I am going to focus on in the coming year! I will be referencing back to these in posts from from time to time so that I can keep myself in check!




Holiday Stress Relief

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve struggled with anxiety on and off throughout my life. I’m an anxious person by nature ( Type A personality). It’s not fun and I never know when it’s going to affect me. I had a hard time in college with it but then I started to learn coping skills. As the years have gone on, I am doing better at dealing with it and have found products that help ease my anxiety and stress level.

December has always been a hot point for me since at least college when I had finals, papers due and packing stresses. Today the sources are more along the lines of finishing graduate school papers, Q4 blogging, and buying the perfect gifts.

From November to the end of December, I make sure that I drink plenty of water, say “no” when I’ve reached my limits, and eat well.  I’m also someone who struggles with sleep during this time of year so I take Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts. I love these because they help me relax and actually get some sleep. They’re  less expensive than a prescription, and easily accessible. You can find the stores that sell them in your area here.

I’ve also used other Rescue  products to help ease my anxiety and reduce my stress level.  The Rescue Remedy spray is perfect for moments when I need to feel more calm and remove tension. I keep it in my purse for easy access. I also am a BIG fan of the Rescue Plus Lozenges.They taste great, soothe my throat, and they have vitamin B vitamins.

I would highly advice you to give Rescue products a try to help you during those stressful times. There are so many types to choose from that you will definitely find one that works for you!

This post was sponsored by Bach Rescue, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the partnerships that make The Coral Court possible.


Spread Kind

We have all had our share of bullying and most of us can relate to getting our feelings hurt by something that someone else did or said. I had a traumatic experience with a group of girls in 7th and 8th grade.  Junior high was such a dark chapter of my life. I can still vividly recall every awful experience a group of girls put me through.I could go on and on about all the things these girls did to me, but the most important part of my story is the effect that those experiences had on me as a young girl.  I completely lost myself in the social anxiety I dealt with and I lost all my self confidence. It took me a long time to over come those feelings  and I still struggle at times. To this day, it has remained the hardest time period of my life.

A few years ago I heard about the Kindness campaign through social media. Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized movement, documentary and school program based upon the powerful belief in Kindness, that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of abuse within the “Girl World.” The two founders, Lauren and Molly, go around to schools and give assemblies impact girls to stop bullying. They are two of the most passionate people when it comes to spreading kindness and raising awareness about the effects that bullying has on girls. 

 The founders recently created a teen/adult line and a kids line that launched as part of the Kind Campaign collection at Kohl’s. ! $1 from each tee goes to Kind Campaign and will help support free Kind Campaign assemblies across the globe. Be sure to check out the special hangtag where you can write your own Kind Pledge and share via social media! They worked so hard on these shirts and they hope that their messages spread kindness throughout your school hallways, workplace and everywhere you go! Look for the Kind Campaign installations at your local Kohl’s department store now and be sure to snap a photo in your tee and tag ‪#‎kindxkohls‬ so they can see these pieces spread across the country!

Kind Campaign works to spread awareness of bullying among teens. Follow the campaign on Twitter & Instagram @kindcampaign.