Recommended Hair Products

Quai Wave Spray The wave spray smells amazing but its versatile as a wet or dry styling products. It doesn’t have any salt like most other sprays which make it easy to get a smooth blowout. When used on dry hair or on day 2 hair, it refreshes the hair and crates separation and texture for … Continue Reading

Ditching Hair Drama with Aussie

If you are a long time reader of The Coral Court, then a post about haircare comes as no surprise. I am big into taking care of my hair and making sure it is as healthy as possible but trust me, it was not always that way. I used to wash my hair everyday, change … Continue Reading

Favorite Summer Products

Hey everybody! I have a fun new post for everyone today.  I am teaming up with Bradley Leake(hair genius) to create a new youtube channel(Refine309) that is going to cover a variety of topics. Right now, we are focusing on doing hair related videos but we will definitely expand it to include a wider range. … Continue Reading

oh hey

So i’ve been a bit absent on the blog recently so I thought it was about time to make an appearance. I took a bit of a break for Christmas and New Years to enjoy vacation and give myself time to get back into the swing of things. That ended up being harder than I … Continue Reading

Holiday Hair looks with Living Proof

I’m excited to team up with Living Proof to give you three holiday hair looks for this season. I asked my friend(Hair By Bradley Leake) to show me the styles that he is doing on his clients that are easy enough to reduplicate at home . For all 3 of these looks, my hair was … Continue Reading