Best Youtube Beauty Gurus

Best Youtube Beauty Gurus

1. Jaclyn Hill

A former freelancer and MAC worker, she draws on a lot of real world experience. If you have dry skin and want a dewy look, you’ll love her product suggestions and tutorials. Plus, she is quirky and keeps it real.

2. Desi Perkins

Desi is based in Los Angeles but it definitely one of the most down-to-earth Youtube beauty gurus.She has a lot of eye makeup tutorials with bold colors that I definitely could not get away with but are worth checking out.

3. LustreLux

Katy is very similar to Desi in the sense that she can be bold with her eye makeup but she also shows more subtle looks that you can wear everyday. She is also very honest about makeup that doesn’t work for her skin type so you don’t feel like she is constantly shelling out products for companies.

4. KathleenLights

Kathleen is Miami based and is one of my favorite vloggers when it comes to creating natural looks. She is good about combining high end and drugstore products, as well as providing dupes for expensive products. She occasionally touches on affordable fashion finds and lifestyle topics but her main focus is on makeup. If you want to watch someone that is relatable and honest, check her out!

5. NikkiTutorials

Nikki is one of the funniest beauty bloggers out there. The above video is one of her making fun of contouring techniques but she actually does post real tutorials. She is most popularly known for her video “The Power of Makeup” where she applies makeup to only half of her face to show what a difference it can make.  She openly talks about her insecurities in a refreshing way while also embracing natural beauty.