Makeup Brushes

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Having good quality brushes, not only allows your makeup application to be 100x better but it does save you money on having to re-buy cheaper brushes. I’ve had a lot of the these brushes for years.   Here is a list of my current favorite makeup brushes that I can’t live without. I didn’t include the beauty blender because that’s technically not a brush but if you do not already have that, it is one of the best ways to apply makeup too. Most of the brushes that I’ve listed are really affordable. The ones that I’ve splurged on are totally worth it though, especially the concealer and foundation brushes.

Foundation brushes:

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Brush #704- I use this brush with the Confidence in a Compact and it applies evenly and makes cream makeup easy to use.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush– If i’m not using my beauty blender for foundation, then I use this brush. Its so easy to use, blends the foundation so easy you don’t even have to really think about what your doing, it’s that easy.  I like applying foundation with this brush and then blending out with a beauty blender.


Avon Pro Concealer Brush– This brush is only $7 and has lasted me years. I use is for blemishes and sometimes ever for eye shadow application.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer brush #110– This one is also super cheat at $6 and I wash it after every use with warm water and soap and the bristles are still soft!


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Brush– The one that I use from UD came in the Naked palette years ago but I’ve linked a similar one. These brushes last for a very long time if you take care of them. These synthetic brushes also don’t hold on to gross bacteria  so it’s easier to clean and more hygienic.

IT Cosmetics Eye Shadow Brush– This eyeshadow brush came in the “All that Glitters Brush Set.” If you ever want to buy a brush set, It Cosmetics makes the best ones. This brush is perfect for applying a base color.

Under Eye Concealer:

Morphe E8- Detail Contour-As you all know by now, my under eye circles are terrible. This brush works so well with the Bye Bye under eye concealer. It helps fill out those hollow areas under my eyes and doesn’t absorb the concealer.  Plus it’s only $6! Depending on the day, I will go over my under eyes again with a more liquid concealer using my beauty blender.


ELF angled Blush Brush– This one is also super cheat at $4 and I’ve had it for years. The shape is great and it blends beautifully.

Powder Brush

It Cosmetics Brilliant Powder Brush: This one also came in the set with the eyeshadow brush. It is so soft, round, and tapered so it is perfect for applying powder.

Bronzer Brush:

BareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush– I’ve had this brush for over 10 years now and it serves so many purposes. Right now, I use it for bronzer but I know people that use it for blush and powder too.

Anything Brushes:

Bare Minerals Handy Buki Brush– You can use this brush for powder foundation, blush, and bronzer. It is a great all around brush that serves many purposes!

Tweezerman Pointed Foundation Brush– This provides great coverage for creams, liquids, and primers. It is great for heard to reach areas areas around eyes, nose, mouth—and tricky spots like the hairline. I use it a lot to wipe off the translucent powder that I apply under my eyes